Diana Palau

Diana Palau (Barcelona, 1974) studied in Barcelona at Taller de Músics and Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC) where she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Jazz Singing in 2007. Pupil of Ana Finger, Eladio Reinón, Albert Bover, Juan Díaz, Joan Monné, Eduardo Tancredi and Agustí Fernández, among others, she has attended seminars conducted by Sheila Jordan, Michelle Weir, Gillian Kayes, Maureen Scott, Horacio "el Negro" Hernandez, Giovani Hidalgo and Deena Of Rose. As a performer she has been part of the Ensemble of voices of the Taller de Músics, a group that accompanied Bobby McFerrin at the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona, 2002. She has also collaborated with Joan Albert Amargós (2005), Cris Juanico & Original Jazz Orquestra del Taller de Músics (2008), Carmen Paz (2011) and the Group Mondo Aereo (2012) lead by the singer Alessandra Patrucco.

Her performing experience includes duets with pianists Alejandro Di Costanzo and Pascal Morente,  guitarists Aleix de Gispert and Joel Moreno Codinachs; a trio with Joel Moreno Codinachs and Albert Juan, in which poems of Joan Maragall were set to music; and her own quintet, with fellow musicians Jordi Berni, Alfred Artigas, Paco Weht and Salvador Toscano.