Joel Moreno

Joel Moreno Codinachs was born in Barcelona in a very musical family. He soon started to play guitar, influenced by this environment. At the age of 14 he discovered the electric guitar and fell in love with Jazz and Modern Music. From that time he has been busy playing this music.


He leads his trio and quintet and participates in several projects.
 He released his debut album as a leader Emergexit (Errabal 2010) with his quintet, and has collaborated in several other recordings like Quiquilladas Pintorescas (JazzGranollers Records 2015) with Sabina Witt Quintet, Estrada do sol (TempsRECORD 2012) and Flor de cerrado (TempsRECORD 2014) with Luna Cohen Grup, Fight with your best weapons (Barcelona Underground Scene in 2014) with Bernat Hernandez, Songs & Canções (S.R. 2012) with Diana Palau, Després del Jazz (Audiovisuals de Sarria 2011) with Martí Ventura Quartet or L’aigua no es mou (Satélite K 2011) with Folkincats.


Besides his work as a performer he also works as a composer, arranger and educator. 
He is currently settled in Barcelona but he has lived in several cities before returning to his hometown. In each trip he has managed to soak up the local Jazz to achieve an original style that translates the complexity of this music into a rich but natural melodic flow.


In 2007 he was granted a “La Caixa” fellowship program to study a Master of Arts at New York University, which he finished in 2009. Peter Bernstein and John Scofield can be counted among his teachers and strong musical influences.

Before moving to New York he lived four years in Amsterdam, graduating at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. His career began, however, in Barcelona under the guidance of musicians like Mario Rossy and Albert Cubero.